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Fitness Classes:

All classes are first come, first serve as space allows. You must have a fitness class token to participate in the class.

Cycling Class Tuesdays 9:30am Aerobic Studio: Cycling Class is designed to provide a great cardio and endurance workout while staying low-impact. This class will make you sweat! Come take a ride with just the right intensity to help you challenge and achieve your goals. Your instructor will coach you through different ride sequences, motivating you to work towards that next step. This class is great for all levels.

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YOGA Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:15pm Large Meeting Room: Vinyasa yoga is a series of poses that flow with each breath from one to the next. Vinyasa Yoga is most commonly referred to as Flow Yoga as participants “flow” through poses with each breath throughout class. Yoga is a great way to relief stress, increase flexibility, strengthen and focus your energy.  Class sessions are one hour and 15 minutes. A personal mat is recommended for class.

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Zumba Wednesday Night 6pm Large Meeting Room: Zumba is a Latin-dance inspired aerobic fitness class, that brings the party to the gym! Incorporating dances like Salsa, Cumba and Merengue, Zumba™ feels like more of a party than a workout! This class uses fun pre-choreographed routines that you learn as you go and are easy to follow. Not sure if Zumba is right for you? Come try a class and see what you’ve been missing. Classes are great for all fitness levels.

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Barre None Monday night 6pm Large Meeting Room. This class combines elements from Ballet, Pilates and Yoga to create a unique exercise program that focuses on core strength to tone the body. Barre None uses a series of low-impact strengthening exercises followed by recovery stretch. This class will work to tone and sculpt the entire body creating long, lean muscles. Class sessions are one hour in length. A personal mat and water bottle are recommended for class.




















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All Activities and Fitness Classes are available to Eagle Creek residents and their guests only, unless otherwise specified.